Hallmark's Kaleidoscope Review and Tour


Experience the Magic:

With this tour, you can get a closer look at Hallmark's Kaleidoscope. Find out about the things, services, and other things that make this Hallmark's Kaleidoscope a must-see.

Outside View

From the outside, it looks like this. The girls remembered going there the year before, when we went in March.

The Dark Room

The dark room is always one of the first places we go. There is melted pencil and what look like laser-based wall games. The coolest place ever.

Art Tables

Here is a picture of a few of the art tables. There is always a lot of stickers on one table. Be sure to stop by that table.

Heat Lamp Machine

Here's the picture of the heat lamp machine thingy. Basically, water color has a place. When your artist is done, they can put it in this machine and wait.

Cool Bathrooms

There is no sink in the bathroom itself. When you come out of the bathroom, you can press a waterfall with your feet to get water to come out. Cool, right?

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I hope you learn about Hallmark's Kaleidoscope through this insightful review and tour. Explore its charm and creativity!

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Experience the Magic: Hallmark's Kaleidoscope Review and Tour