Lengthen Drapery Panels Hack


Easy DIY Solution

Find out a quick way to use fish hooks to make curtain panels longer.

Step 1

Purchase Fishing Barrel Swivels with Interlock Snaps. Walmart sells these for $3 in various sizes depending on curtain length.

Step 2

Ensure Sturdy Support. Use curtain rods and rings that are designed to hold heavy weights, especially for two-story panels with multiple layers of fabric.

Step 3

To achieve even curtains that reach the floor, consider adding Fishing Barrel Swivels with Interlock Snaps to the rings for added weight balance.

Step 4

While spacing between rings and curtains may not align with interior design etiquette, focus on getting the drapery length right to create an aesthetically pleasing look.

Step 5

After making the necessary adjustments for weight balance and length, rehang the drapes to achieve the desired floor-length appearance.

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I hope you learn an easy hack to lengthen your drapery panels to make them longer.

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Lengthen Drapery Panels Hack - Easy DIY Solution