DIY Snowy Christmas Tree

Find out how simple it is to use flocking powder to create the illusion of snow on a Christmas tree.

Materials & Tools

– 5 lbs of Flocking Powder – Sprayer Bottle – Filtering – Mesh Kitchen Strainer – Paper or Plastic Tarp

Step 1

Flocking the Christmas tree should be done in a well-ventilated outdoor or indoor area.

Step 2

Assemble the tree, making sure the branches are spaced out evenly. Spray water on it in small areas, starting at the bottom. Powder should be added to the strainer.

Step 3

Sift the strainer in small sections of the branches. Spritz water on it again to hold the flocking.

Step 4

Flock the tree until it is completely covered.

Step 5

Leave overnight to dry. Fluff up your feathers a bit.

I hope you learn how to transform your Christmas tree into a snowy wonderland with flocking techniques.

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DIY Snowy Christmas Tree