DIY Wall Art: Farmhouse Style Kraft Paper Scroll Tutorial

Learn how to create unique farmhouse style wall art with this DIY Kraft Paper Scroll Art.

kraft paper twine craft cutting machine black matte vinyl decal transfer tape

Supplies for Farmhouse Style Kraft Paper Decor

Measure your kraft paper to determine the desired dimensions for your project. Consider the space where you plan to display it and how you want it to fit.

Step 1

Create or design the word art you want to print on your craft cutting machine. Avoid using stencil paper to prevent sticking issues. Ensure your design is suitable for cutting and transferring onto the kraft paper.

Step 2

Utilize your craft cutting machine to cut out the word art from the chosen material. Carefully remove the excess vinyl around the lettering to leave only the desired design intact.

Step 3

If you wish to use a pre-made design, sign up for the newsletter to access the download link. Once subscribed, you'll receive the necessary files to import into your software for tracing and cutting.

Step 4

Use transfer tape to smoothly transfer the decal onto the kraft paper. Then, pull twine through the kraft paper tube and tie it securely. To hang the artwork, use removable adhesive hooks capable of supporting the weight of the kraft paper without causing damage to the wall.

Step 5

I hope you how easy it is to make a Farmhouse Style Kraft Paper Scroll for your home decor!

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