How to Paint Exposed Basement Ceiling

If you don't want to spend a fortune remodeling your basement, painting is a great option.

This was the basement in the remodel state. We did it all on our own for under $1,500! Better than the $20K quoted.

We would recommend painting the ceiling first before doing any other part of the basement. Makes it easier.

We used the Magnum Graco Sprayer for painting the ceiling (way better than the Wagner in our opinion).

This white, exposed ceiling makes the space brighter while also exposing the wires in case of needed repairs.

This method also paints the wires. The downside is that it might make it harder to work on if you need to in the future.

I wanted the space to be brighter because it didn't have a lot of windows or natural light.

I recommend doing two coats. This is just one coat of paint.

We made the walls white (only because I was making this into a photography studio), so I needed a lot of light

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