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Evo Affinity 30G  Built-In Grill Cooktop

Is the Evo Round Grill Cooktop worth the hefty price? Here are some reasons to consider this cooktop in your outdoor kitchen space.

Even Heating

This cooktop ranges between 225 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit with no hotspots!

30" Cooktop

This cooktop can fit up to 15 ribeyes at the same time! There is so much real estate for cooking.

Made in America

It is made out of steel and alloy and is commercial grade. It is built and designed to last.

Cook Anything

You can cook vegetables, meat, rice, eggs - pretty much anything and do it well.

Seasoned Surface

The cooktop care is similar to that of a cast iron skillet. No abrasives, just a little bit of oil and scrape off the carbon to keep it seasoned.

Simple to Use

There is no "ignition" you need to wait for. Just a button and the heat settings.

Downside: Price

The Evo Gril G30 Affinity Series ranges anywhere between $4500 to $5500.

Alternative Options

Alternative options include Cuisinart cookers that range between $250 and $500.


If you love hosting or entertaining, this grill will allow you to cook things in batch so you can spend more time hosting conversations.


Cleaning and maintenance is a breeze. A little bit of water on a warm surface with a light cleaning pad works wonders.

Overall, would highly recommend this cooktop if you can afford the hefty price tag!

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