Cricut STEM Projects for Kids

Learn engaging STEM projects for kids using Cricut in this insightful guide.  Spark creativity and curiosity with easy and fun activities!

Cricut Explore Air 2 is great for kids. It's so simple and easy to use that older kids adore making and finishing school tasks with it. Here are the following cricut stem projects for kids:

Using Cricut for Kids Projects

This activity helps students comprehend environmental movement easily. Based on its ability to connect motions to settings like strobe lights, blinking, or object movement, the brain analyzes images differently.

Thaumatrope - Make Your Own Cartoon

Cricut machines can make paper helicopters with varied sheets and weights.

Paper Helicopter

This easy STEM activity lets students unleash their creativity.

Walking Paper Animals

This is a wonderful starter project for kids who wish to build an uncomplicated windmill and eventually an energy turbine.

Paper Pinwheel

There are simple ways to get your kids to create rollercoasters and wear their engineering architect hats. This helps children comprehend rollercoaster physics and momentum and energy.

Paper Roller Coasters

I hope you enjoyed these simple Cricut STEM projects for kids to learn about math, science, and technology.

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Cricut STEM Projects for Kids