Early Spring Garden Tips with Cold Frame & Raised Bed

Learn helpful tips on using a cold frame and raised bed for early vegetable gardening. Here are favorite tips and tried/true techniques in starting a garden.


Know what to grow in your garden. Most folks have little space. Knowing how much space you have and what plants you want (and how much they need) will help you avoid overspending!

Prepare the garden

Buy decent compost and soil. Seeds and plants require a healthy foundation to grow.

Get your seeds and plants early

Seeds are usually available in early February.

Get your timing right

Getting a head start on your garden could mean losing everything to a frost. Use an almanac to check your timing.

Plant in a raised garden

Plant in a raised garden for greater drainage, weed control, and yield!

Protect & Just Start

Garden barriers are needed.  Now is the moment to start a garden you've been thinking about.

I hope you learn tips on how to start a garden. Maximize your garden's potential and get the most out of your early spring harvest.

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Early Spring Garden Tips with Cold Frame & Raised Bed