Ikea Ektorp Cover on Pottery Barn?

Find out if a cover from Ikea will fit on a frame from Pottery Barn.

This is how Pottery Barn coverings that fit should look.

This is what an Ikea Ektorp couch cover looks like on a Basic frame from Pottery Barn.

On the back frame's edge, you can see a bigger difference

Look more closely at these Ikea coverings on a sofa that isn't Ikea.

Other than those two spots, the Pottery Barn frame is pretty much straight everywhere else.

If you can handle those little wrinkles, it's best if you want to try an Ikea covers for your Pottery Barn Sofa. It costs less than $30!

I hope you learn if the Ikea Ektorp sofa cover fits Pottery Barn Basic Comfort sofas, saving you money on slipcovers.

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Ikea Ektorp Cover on Pottery Barn?