DIY Trophy Display Case for Kids

Learn  various ways to display awards neatly.

Use Removable Rods

These rods are straightforward to install and can be found in any hardware store or online.

Ikea Dish Rack

Besides the kitchen, this IKEA Dish Display Rack can keep trophies and medals! Its bottom hooks can hold your child's medals.

Floating Shelves

Trophy collection displays might include many, hefty trophies on strong floating racks.

Glass Jar

Your child's medals should face out when placed inside. For convenience, put it in a glass cabinet or shelf.

Shadow Boxes

Display your child's medals and other achievements in a glass shadow box. Glue or pin medals on the velvety box background to protect them.


Diversify your book and medal combinations to personalize your shelves. Measure the height of each trophy before storing them to ensure they fit on the shelf.

I hope this blog helps you find the best way to display your child's medals, plaques, and trophies.

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DIY Trophy Display Case for Kids