Toilet Replacement DIY Tips

Learn essential tips for DIY toilet replacement and installation!

When replacing toilets, note tank size variations. Differences may require painting behind the tank due to varied height, width, or placement.

Tank Sizes

Consider reusing the old water line when replacing a toilet, but for upgrades, replace it. Ensure accurate measurements for the new toilet placement.

Measure the Water Line Size

Upgrade from the standard toilet wax seal. Invest $10 in a superior brand for enhanced leakage protection.

Avoid the Toilet Wax Seal

Measure spaces before purchase. Plan ahead for a smooth installation.

Transporting Toilets

Be prepared for everything, including inconsistent toilet installation in all rooms.

Discover Builder Shortcuts

A successful toilet installation requires silicon for risers, which are needed to lift the toilet.

Use Risers with Silicone

I hope you learn tips on how to replace the toilet in your home.

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Toilet Replacement DIY Tips