DIY Oversized Letter Board Tutorial

Learn how to make a big letter board in this posr!

Tools & Materials

– Cross blade – Cricut Joy machine – Ledge – Saw – Level – Tape Measure – 3 - 3/4" x 1 ½" x 4' pine wood – 1 Sheet of Plexiglass – Vinyl Capital Letters or Silhouette/Cameo Cut Out – Stain or Paint – Mounting Tape

1. Prepare Wood:

– Cut pine to desired length. – Router groove at 1⁄4" depth down the middle.

2. Finish Surface

- Sand wood for smoothness.

3. Position Groove

Place groove closer to one side.

4. Mount on Wall

– Use mounting adhesive for attachment. – Mark and level for letter ledge.

5. Acrylic Letters (Optional)

– Cut Plexiglass to 4" x 6". – Use craft cutting machine for vinyl letters. – Transfer to Plexiglass, place on wood ledge.

I hope you learn to create a DIY oversized letter board with pine wood, router grooves, adhesive mounting, and optional acrylic letters.

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DIY Oversized Letter Board Tutorial