DIY Large Paper Flowers Tutorial

Discover the steps to making a huge paper flower to hang over your bed's headboard.

– Card stock (in your choice of color) – Scissors – Paper Trimmer – Hot Glue Gun – Command Strips

Materials & Supplies Needed

Use the provided template to cut out various sizes of petals from your colored paper.

Cut Petal Templates

Curl the edges of the petals gently using a pencil or your fingers to create a natural curve.

Curl and Shape Petals

Begin with the largest petals as the base and layer smaller petals on top, securing them with glue.

Assemble Flower Layers

Create a decorative center for your flower, then attach a string or adhesive to hang the paper flowers above your bed or headboard.

Add Center and Hang

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I hope you learn how to create stunning DIY large paper flowers for above bed and headboard decor.

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DIY Large Paper Flowers Tutorial