DIY Wooden Growth Chart

Learn how to make a wooden growth chart in this easy-to-follow guide.


– Dimensional Pine 3/4 inch x 10 inch x 8 foot – White Interior Paint – Miniwax Wood Stain in Dark Walnut – Miniwax Fast Drying Polyurethane Clear Satin Finish – White Paint Pen – Pencil


– Miter Saw – Jig Saw (or whatever saw you are most comfortable with) – Router with a Finish Trim Bit – Orbital sander and fine sand paper 120 grit – Tape Measure – Straight Edge

Prepare the Wood

Gather and cut wood to size, sand it for a smooth finish.

Paint and Mark

Apply base paint, add measurements, and paint decorative designs.

Assemble and Hang

Attach pieces together, add hanging hardware, and mount the growth chart securely.

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I hope you've gained insights from this guide on creating a personalized rustic wooden arrow growth chart. Enjoy crafting and tracking memories!

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DIY Wooden Growth Chart