IKEA Alex Drawer Divider DIY


Easily declutter your chaotic IKEA Alex Cabinet with homemade drawer dividers crafted from poster board. Discover this straightforward DIY guide!

Materials & Tools

– Foam Core Poster Board – Poster Board Glue or Tape Adhesive – Exacto Knife – Steel Ruler (or metal edging) – Pen

Step 1

Determine the exact measurements of the interior drawer space you intend to design dividers for.

Step 2

Start by arranging the items within your drawer according to your preferred organization method.

Step 3

Utilize these measurements to determine the necessary length and width for cutting the foam core board.

Step 4

Mark the divider dimensions with a steel ruler and marker, then cut the poster board foam core with an Exacto Knife.

Step 5

Apply adhesive glue to secure the edges of the dividers onto the sides of the drawer cabinets.

I hope you learn how to take control of your cluttered drawers within your IKEA Alex Cabinets through this DIY homemade drawer divider tutorial.

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IKEA Alex Drawer Divider DIY