Easy and Affordable Steps to Make DIY Cabinet Doors


Upgrade Your Cabinets:

Learn how to make your own DIY cabinet doors that are cheap and will save you money. You can make these doors out of board or wainscoting.

Materials & Tools

– Paintable Caulk – Wood Glue – MDF Wainscoting Panel – 2" x 3/4" Dimensional Pine Wood – Paint – Sealer – Spray Gun – Cabinet hardware (optional) Tools – Router Bits (Tongue and Groove) – Clamps – Saw Horses – Screwdriver (optional)

Step 1

Measure cabinet frames and log the number of doors needed. Measure the door's exterior and design the groove overlap. Shaker doors require two perpendicular trim positions with the normal top-to-bottom design.

Step 2

The beaded board is measured by subtracting the trim from the cabinet door. Next, add the tongue and groove and beaded board measurements. After measuring, cut the trim. Set the table on planks, select a straight edge, and cut the beaded board using a skill saw.

Step 3

On the trim side you just cut, use the router and tongue and groove bit. Work the other way. Make sure the cut beaded board fits exactly in your groove. You must carve finger grooves for doors without handles. Determine finger groove handle position. Opt for the door edge center. Router a groove in the door panel to create your finger groove!

Step 4

Clamp your doors overnight using wood clamps and glue the panels together. Fill the wood-panel joints with caulk. Spray paint your doors on saw horses with a spray gun. Apply two coats and seal as needed.

Step 5

Use pre-drilled holes on base cabinet frames to attach hardware. Mark where the screws will fit by fixing the door to the frame. Use a screwdriver to make door holes. Just paint and dry your doors.

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I hope you learn DIY cabinet door techniques for a home upgrade!

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Easy and Affordable Steps to Make DIY Cabinet Doors