Best Hacks for Skipping Lines at Disney World

Maximize Your Time:

Find out about best disney fastpass hack and fastpass loopholes (some are free, some cost money, and some are controversial) and how to avoid and skip lines at Disney World!

Disney Fast Pass Cost

There is NO COST for a Disney Fast Pass. Just use your ticket number to book the Fast Passes online or in the app.

Directions for Avoiding Lines

The following are some steps a visitor to a Disney park could do to get the most out of their FastPasses and Rider Swaps.

Directions for Avoiding Lines

1. Schedule vacations when there isn't a convention going on (e.g. cheer competitions, large conventions) and when kids are typically in school.

Directions for Avoiding Lines

2. Breakfast bookings for "Pre-Park Opening" need to be made. Figure out which ride you'll "rope dropping" right after breakfast. Go straight to the first ride that doesn't require a FastPass.

Directions for Avoiding Lines

3. Schedule FastPasses for rides that often close between 5:00 and 7:30 pm on your park tickets before you leave the park.

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I hope you learn Disney World line-skipping hacks from this article, covering FastPass tricks and loopholes. Enjoy a magical visit!

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Maximize Your Time: Best Hacks for Skipping Lines at Disney World