Disney World and Cruise:


Expectations vs Reality

Discover the realities of a Disney World and Disney Cruise experience for a family of six. Gain insights into expectations versus reality and make the most of your magical family adventures!


Expectation: Anticipating amazing food at Disney World and Disney Cruise. Reality: Subpar food, disappointment, typical amusement park fare.

Car Seat

Expectation: Car seat hassle while traveling. Reality: Car seat with roller eased transportation, familiar seat for the child. Convenience and peace of mind achieved with a car seat travel cart.

Character Meet & Greets

Expectation: Collecting a ton of autographs in individual books. Reality: Opted for one family autograph book due to time-consuming character signatures.

Disney Cruise: Sea Sickness, Nausea and Sanitation

Expectation: Packed lots of meds for motion sickness, chose stable rooms. Reality: Only needed meds once, perfectly located rooms for easy access to amenities.

Disney World Tickets

Expectation: Prepared for long lines at Disney World, planned strategically. Reality: Zero lines, rode popular attractions multiple times, made the most of time with early reservations and Fastpasses.

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I hope you learn on this Double Disney Adventure quick overview of our Disney World and Disney Cruise vacation for our family of six!

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Disney World and Cruise: Expectations vs Reality