Infusible Ink Coaster Tutorial

Learn the process of creating stunning infusible ink coasters with this tutorial using Cricut!

– Infusible Ink Pens – Coasters – White Cardstock – White Cardstock with artwork – Heat Resistant Tape – Iron that heats up to 400°F – Heating pad for iron  – Teflon or butcher paper – Lint Free Cloth

Materials & Supplies

Be creative with Infusible Ink! Sketch your coaster-sized pattern on cardstock. Cricut Infusible Pens create bright outlines and colors. Use a marker holder adapter for Silhouette integration. Cut around your masterpiece roughly.

Step 1

Set up the coaster. Use a lint-free cloth to clean the coaster.

Step 2

Layer. In order, layer EasyPress Mat, white card stock, coaster glossy side up, cardstock with artwork side down, Teflon paper, and EasyPress Iron.

Step 3

Heat the layer for 60 seconds at 400°F on your Cricut.

Step 4

Wait a few minutes for coaster cooling. The coaster will be quite hot, so let it cool before removing your artwork.

Step 5

I hope you learn how to create beautiful coasters with Cricut Infusible Ink!

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Infusible Ink Coaster Tutorial