Pool Noodle Shark Craft


Fun Summer DIY for Kids

Learn how to make adorable pool noodle shark. Dive into this fun and easy craft project that will make a splash in your summer.

What You Need

– grey pool noodle – googly eyes – scissors – hot glue gun and glue sticks – white foam

Step 1

Prepare the Materials.

Step 2

Cut the pool noodle into two equal parts. One part will be the body, and the other part will be the tail of the shark. Cut teeth, punch holes.

Step 3

Attach the googly eyes using craft glue.

Step 4

Attach the tail to the body using a hot glue gun. Make sure it is securely attached. Let it dry completely, and now you have your adorable pool noodle shark!

if you want to make your own animal kit, try this Crayola Build A Beast Shark. Click the image to buy!

I hope you learn how to create cute pool noodle shark with your kids! This easy craft project involves cutting, drawing, and gluing to make delightful shark that will add a splash of fun to your summer.

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Pool Noodle Shark Craft: Fun Summer DIY for Kids