Halloween BOO Kits and Grams


Here's a tutorial with a FREE printout on how to make your own BOO Kit!

Step 1

Print out the MARS printed card with a color printer. It's made of two parts: 1 that tells your friend that they've been BOOed. The other one is for them to hang in their window!

Step 2

Put the candy in a Halloween-themed basket for less than a dollar.  Throw in some fake spiders and get some mixtures of chocolates.

Step 3

Put in a few Halloween-themed toys and decorations.

Step 4

Add in your printable card

Step 5

Subtly sneak over and leave it at your neighbor's house.

Get this Halloween Kit. Click the image to buy!

I hope you learn how to make Halloween BOO Kits and Grams. Spread joy and connection through thoughtful gestures for the halloween!

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Halloween BOO Kits and Grams