Cricut Spine Label DIY

In this post, learn how to make personalized binder and album spine labels using a Cricut.

Where to Use Album and Binder Spine Labels

You can use it on School Memory Binders and Vacation and Family Scrapbooks!


Binder labels usually have the top letters facing left and the bottom labels facing right.

Materials for Binder Labels

Cricut labels can be made with many materials such as Vinyl Transfer Vinyl Tape, Card Stock Slip In Custom Spine Label & Writable Vinyl.

Tips Before Making Custom Labels

Plan design, measure accurately, use durable materials, print professionally, organize content, include details, test print, apply carefully, use protectors, update labels as needed for well-organized binders.

Making Spine Labels using Cricut Design Space

Tips for perfect book and binder spine making: Bold, Simple Lines and Smart Label with Cricut Joy Easy Binder Labels.

Get this Cricut Joy Smart Label Writable Vinyl. Click the image to buy!

I hope this Cricut lesson on album and binder spine labels helps you organize anything.

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Cricut Spine Label DIY