Big Cedar Lodge vs Still Waters

Big Cedar Lodge and Still Water Lakefront Resort are two popular Branson family resorts. Here are the two Brason resorts are family-friendly and have great amenities.


Big Cedar Lodge is pricey, but Still Water Resort is cheaper.

Ease of Access

Big Cedar is a huge resort with multiple pools and activities spread around. Still Water Resort is smaller than Big Cedar but near to everything.


Kids loved Big Cedar's pool. Two more pools were available. Kids under 14 enjoyed more fun pools at Still Waters. The kids loved the slides despite the lack of a lazy river.

Room Comparison

Still Water had a lighter, airier atmosphere than Big Cedar, which was centered around woods.


Still Water Resort wins hands-down. Silver Dollar City is 2 miles away and Branson Strip is 7 miles away, making Still Water the best location.

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For your next trip, I hope you learn how Big Cedar Lodge and Still Waters Lakefront Resort compare.

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Big Cedar Lodge vs Still Waters