best board games for elementary kids


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It takes a little while to figure out how to play this game, but the goal is to line up shapes of the same color or different colors. Whoever lines up the most wins!

suspend junior

You distribute the sticks and everyone puts theirs on without dropping any. Everyone spins the spinner to choose a stick!


It's kind of like Bingo for kids, with learning embedded

Beat the parents

Beat the Parents puts kids against parents in an exciting quiz and challenge competition. Click the image to buy it!


In this game, kids will match letter cubes with picture and word cards!

charades for kids

Great fun board game for the whole entire family!

monopoly junior

In this game, they interchange some of the thigns with an ice cream parlor and skate park!

I hope this post can help parents and gift-givers choose fun and educational board games for kids.

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Best Board Game for Elementary Kids