Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Review

Learn about the timeless Benjamin Moore Gray Owl paint color and how it can transform your space into an elegant haven.


Gray Owl is made by Benjamin Moore, available as Gray Owl 2137-60 or Gray Owl OC52.

In Dark Room

In low natural light with artificial lighting, it may appear slightly blue but brightens up space. On sunny days, it's stunning.

Complementary Colors

Gray Owl pairs well with a variety of colors, but keep in mind its cooler undertone for harmonious combinations.

How does Gray Owl differ from Revere Pewter

Both are cool, but Revere Pewter leans warmer within the cool spectrum.

Does BM Gray Owl look blue?

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl undeniably exhibits blue undertones, resembling a light, sky blue hue.

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I hope you've learned about the cool, versatile beauty of Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl paint color. Discover your perfect shade for any space!

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Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Review