Lessons for Moms of 4

Discover lessons on how to live and do well, including how to be a good parent, stay organized, and take care of yourself. Find out what you need to know to get through the day.

Learn to Say No

You can say no to more than simply kids' activities. It includes declining invitations to volunteer for their school, support a family or friend, and work late for an essential assignment.

Hire Help

Hiring for help for childcare, lawn care, and cleaning to maintain sanity and cherish quality time with kids.

Time with the spouse

Finding time to talk is a challenge amidst parenting duties. It is best to prioritize scheduling moments together, recognizing the importance of consistency despite exhaustion.

Alone time with each kid is important

Balancing attention for each is a journey. From newborn to toddlerhood, time flies. Now, intentional moments and individualized attention help understand their unique personalities.

Vans are a must

Embracing the minivan life changed everything. From captain seats to ample storage, it's a game-changer for moms.

Mom brain is real

In the chaos of motherhood, forgetting things is a given. With four kids, it's a constant juggle. Amidst the blur, cherishing these moments is key.

I hope you learn how to navigate the chaos, guilt, and joys of motherhood as a mom.

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Lessons for Moms of 4