Behr Ice Folly

Light Blue Paint Review

Discover Behr Light Blue Paint Ice Folly - one of the best light shades of blue on the market that you can use in your home. This color is light blue, but it seems to be a very light shade of cyan.

Behr Ice Folly Paint

Behr Ice Folly 510E-1 is a pale blue-cyan. Its warm, relaxing light brightens and opens any environment.


BEHR, a popular paint manufacturer, makes Ice Folly 510E-1. Behr goods are high-quality and affordable.

Light Reflective Value

Light Reflective Value (LRV) measures how much light a paint color reflects in a room. Behr Ice Folly 82.56%, brighter than other blues. Light colors have over 50% LRV.

Ice Folly in Playroom

Did you know that blue calms and stimulates creativity? This playroom is painted Behr Ice Folly.  This paint hue is the most complementary to the bright decals on the wall.

Tips Before Using

Blues, especially light blues like Behr Ice Folly, are difficult to paint with due to lighting variations. Before coloring, utilize a large sample board to avoid mistakes.

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If you want to paint your child's playroom a light blue color, I hope that my review of Behr Ice Folly paint will be helpful.

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Behr Ice Folly - Light Blue Paint Review