Annual Christmas Card Traditions

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You guys! Christmas tunes are already spinning in our house. We put up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. This year, the kids really wanted to help decorating our 12 foot Christmas tree. I had to hold myself back from rearranging it because most of the ornaments are within the bottom three feet of the tree. It is going to take all of my effort to not rearrange those ornaments!

Generally, I would have had the tree up a few weeks prior to Thankgiving Day, but  I gave into my husband’s need to wait until after turkey day was over (and the fact that he would not help me with standing up the tree). 

We’ve also started and continued a few traditions that we do during this time of year. We typically make a stop to buy a new ornament for each person in the family, decorate the outside door with a few Christmas wreaths, bring out Elf on the Shelf, and roast marshmallows over at the grandparents.

However, one of the most favorite traditions for my girls is stuffing the Christmas envelopes and stamping them. As a family photographer, you know that I already had my family photos done well before fall was underway! I wanted to plan and prep my Christmas cards prior to the craziness of the holidays starting. I also love being able to send a few words along with our cards to summarize our year for our family and friends. I scrapbook each and every one of the cards that we send out! is my go to place for our family photo cards and greeting cards (you can see last year’s here). I chose to do their Booklette Christmas cards again because I love how I can use their beautiful pages to create the perfect storyline for our year.

Their layout tool provides various options to customize the pages the way you want them to look, while also have awesome designs to start from.

For example, below I wanted a big photo of Miss Lorelei because she was the newest member of the family. However, I also wanted to be able to showcase my family in a little different format on the next page, and their user interface allowed me to do that.

I also chose a grid at the very back cover with a collage of pics from all of the family. Uploading the images was really simple.

These booklettes are smaller than your average greeting card. But they are super cute and I get compliments every year when I send them out!

I really adore how they turned out this year.  It literally is a modern twist on the annual family newsletter. With eight pages to share photos and news, I’m sure you’ll be able to fill up each and every page!

I also got our recipient addresses printed on the envelopes. All of our addresses were saved from last year, so I just had to add a few families in our catalog before getting them ordered. Even the recipient addressing has the ability to customize my design to match my cards. All the kids and I had to do was add our addresses and stamp the envelopes! 

They also have the ability to customize your stamps. We did this with Lorelei’s birth announcement.

I would recommend that you browse their huge selection of holiday booklettes to find the perfect one.

Here are some of my favorites holiday booklets!

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If you are more traditional and just want to send a regular sized card, they have those as well – even with gold foil!

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