Two Story Living Room Curtains

I’m excited to share our two story fireplace revamp! Its not much, but its a drastic difference from what it looked like previously. We removed wood blinds from the windows. The room went from a dark tan wall color to being painted with Benjamin Moore’s cream color called “Simply Irresistible“. The goal was to make the room brighter.

Two Story Living Room Curtain Fireplace

Two Story Living Room Curtains

I decided to use my better judgement and purchase the curtains from a custom shop on Etsy after my hugely unsuccessful DIY curtains that I made. I got some beautiful custom curtains from the shop and they arrived beautifully and carefully packaged! Keep reading to see them.

Training Two Story Curtains and Drapes

One thing I learned about curtains is that in order for them to lay properly, you have to “train” them. What this means is that with my two story window curtains, was that I had a lot of work to do to make them lay properly. All I did was put ribbon on every 1/3 section of the curtains and “wrapped” them carefully. I let it sit like that for about two weeks.

Two Story Living Room Curtains

Here is a closer image of them sitting “perfectly”. Gorgeous right?

Two Story Living Room Curtains

Hack for Lengthening Drapes and Curtains

In addition to that, the hubs hung the curtain rods a little too high, and I wanted my curtains to “skim” the floor. I told him he either had to move the rods (which would mean repainting) or find a substitute way to make it skim the floor. We used these fishing swivel interlock snaps that allowed us to lengthen the curtain hooks so that the curtains could skim the floor. 

Here’s a full post on how I used this hack to lengthen curtains.

Make Curtains Longerr

For details, watch this video (2:00 minute marker) and you can see how I used them:

The Reveal of Our Two Story Living Room Curtains

Here is our mantel in all its glory. The mirror is one I’ve eyed FOREVER is the Amiel Arch Mirror. I still need to get over my fear of heights to Windex the mirror :).

Two Story Living Room Curtains

Ryan interpreted it a totally different way. As you can see from the picture above, his idea below did not fly with me.


How do you decorate your mantel in the spring? What’s your favorite spring mantel look?


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  1. Hi, I just came across your blog and your living room is stunning! I have similar high ceilings (almost 18ft) and considering adding curtains to them. Do you ever need to close your curtains? If not, how do you do it when it’s so high? The Texas sun can be brutal in the afternoons with all that sunlight streaming in. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much Tee! I never need to close my curtains. I actually have blackout lining on them. However, that was a mistake because they really are just decor curtains.

      I know some relatives that DIY’d some window filters. However, I don’t like how it automatically darkens in the room.

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