Magnolia Leaf Wreath DIY Tutorial

I know, the magnolia leaf wreath might be a trend inspired by Fixer Upper. But you gotta admit, the magnolia leaves are pretty timeless and they go with ALL seasons! Because of the trends, these wreaths are pretty darn expensive right now. Their signature wreath goes for $95! That is insanity. Hobby Lobby sells them for $30 when they are having half off sales of their floral (everytime I visit in-store, they are always out). This wreath at a local home decor store was listed at $167 with 30% off! That is NUTS!

I have a magnolia bush outside near the front of my house. So I decided to DIY it. Low and behold, it turned out amazing. It was one of the easiest projects and it cost less than $5!

Supplies for Magnolia Wreath with Real Leaves

50-80 magnolia leaves from a bush or tree
pruning shears
styrofoam wreath foam
screwdriver that has the girth of the magnolia leaf stem

For Hanging
Command Strips
sewing pins

Directions for Easy Magnolia Leaf Wreath

Steps to Collecting Magnolia Leaves

1. Use your pruning shears to cut the magnolia leaves from your bush or tree as close to the branch as possible. You want the magnolia stem to be long in order to stay in place in the next steps.

magnolia leaf wreath step 1

2. I would next recommend that you wash and rinse the magnolia leaves three times to get rid of any critters. I placed it in the garage for about 4 hours to let it dry and allow any remaining critters to crawl out.

magnolia leaf wreath step 2

Steps to Putting the Magnolia Leaf Wreath Together

3. Next, separate your leaves into three piles: small, medium and large.

4. Take your screwdriver and poke a hole at a 45 degree angle. Put in the largest magnolia stem first, going 1.5 to 2 inches separated from each stem.

magnolia leaf wreath step 3

I would recommend taking a step back and looking at your wreath at the magnolia leaf distribution to make sure that it is even.

5. For the next few rows (typically four should be enough), make sure you go the opposite angle until the foam is completely covered.

6. Make sure you take a step back to take a look at the distribution. I found that with my first pass, I put the first row back too far, so I was able to reuse the leaves near the front to cover the green foam.

7. It should take about 20-30 magnolia leaf per row depending on how big your form is for your magnolia leaf wreath.
magnolia leaf wreath step 4

Steps to Hang Magnolia Leaf Wreath

8. I am a huge fan of these command strips. I’ve got them hanging tons of things in my house – including this wreath. You just attach it.

magnolia leaf wreath step 5

I also use sewing pins to reinforce the strips in the event that the adhesive stops becoming tacky on the styrofoam.

9. I then place the other side on top of the velcro, and then press it into the wall or place I want to hang the wreath.

I just love how this turned out! I saved myself AT LEAST $30! Over time, the magnolia leaves will have the golden yellow color behind the leaves to add some character. You can also spray it with a diluted glycerin solution to preserve it. 

magnolia leaf wreath step 7

For me? I have a magnolia bush I can always siphon some leaves from.

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