How to Hang Wall Art and Picture Collage

Slowly but surely, the painting in our home is coming along! The hubs just finished mudding and painting our foyer. To celebrate, I had him hang up a wall art collage. Obviously, he was not too thrilled about putting more holes in the wall after the work he put in mudding.

Check out my Pinterest board that was designed specifically to collect ideas for my foyer remodel and below for a preview of what I’ve done for the wall.

My goal was to create a funky collage for the entry way with random photos and trinkets. I found the pieces I wanted, so I wanted to make sure that I liked the way that the collage would be hung. Here are directions on how to hang wall art collage while minimizing the amount of holes you make on the walls due to re-organization.

How to Hang a Wall Art Collage

1. Gather all the art you want to use in the collage. Make sure they are in the same tone family. For my own collection, some of the frames happened to come out of hibernation this year after being stored for over five years!  Most of the frames came from Hobby Lobby using a 40% off coupon!

how to hang wall art gathering

2. Trace each piece of art onto white gift tissue paper, grocery bags, packing paper, or even printer paper taped together. Then, make sure you put a “hole” where the nail hole for the art is. Here, I used packing paper that a Hobby Lobby employee provided when wrapping some of the new frames that I purchased.

wall collage DIY wall art

3. On your wall, tape the traced art paper into the arrangement you want using painter’s tape rolled up behind it. Move it around until you get an even space around the pictures. BIG TIP: I would suggest keeping the paper there for 48 hours to make sure you love the spacing. (I waited a week because I’m so indecisive!)

wall collage DIY wall art

4. Then “nail” the nail over the “nail hole” on the paper. Once the nail is on the wall, remove the paper.

5. FINALLY, hang your all of your wall art up!

wall collage DIY wall art

6. Here’s the final look at our wall art and picture collage:

wall collage DIY wall art

Here’s another view of it from the front:

wall collage DIY wall art

7. Now pin this on your list of things to do this spring break:

how to hang a wall art collage

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