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I am so excited to share with you the reveal of our second floor family loft room! Eeek!!

It’s been a labor of love. Ryan’s labor. My love. Ha!

I wanted to show you the before photos first. So, this is the original MLS listing photo of this area. Don’t even ask me about that table, it’s not mine.

how hard it is to install hardwoods yourself 6

My worst fear about this room was that balcolny overlooking the living room downstairs. I had this fear that my kids would basically drag chairs over and try to jump off of that. I still have this fear. Especially with my only son. The girls were fine, my boy is cray. Anyway, I wanted to design the room so that I didn’t have a sofa backing up this space. 

I also wanted to get rid of this tan shag carpeting. I will give it some credit though, it does tend to hide spills and stains from the kids quite well (unlike my white sofa in the living room). However, I will say that the previous owners had dogs and I have a cat, which means i have no idea what is living in that carpet. So we decided to install gorgeous hardwood floors from Mullican Flooring. I have a whole post in which we talk about the ease of installation and how we picked the flooring coming up.

Before I get to that, I wanted to show you another before photo. This was my makeshift photo studio that Ryan built me. I needed a place to lay my floor drop, so Ryan built me a platform. As the kids got older, I realized how much space we needed (for each other and FROM each other). So, it took me about three years to convince him to install hardwoods. And, he did. He’s pretty great.

photo studio upstairs loft room

So now for the reveal. As you walk up the staircase, you’ll see photos of my pretty babies leading up to the second floor where their rooms are:

And you get to the amazing staircase to carpet transition that Ryan completed. He wanted me to mention that.

And you first see the hardwood floors with a double layered rug. Do you know how much heat I got from Ryan and the kids for doing a layered rug look? I think it looks great. If you think this rug looks familiar, you are right. It was in Conrad’s nursery before.

The coffee table was upcycled from Facebook Marketplace for $50. I know overpaid for it because I couldn’t find a round table for less than that. I used my chalk painting method for that rustic, matte chalk look on it. 

This photo is a sticker that I glued onto styrofoam. Can you tell? I have a tutorial on that coming up as well. The only reason why I did that was so that it was a light frame!

The pillow was made using metallic heat transfer vinyl that I just pressed on.

I still have to do a little something to that bare wall on the right. As with all of my rooms, no room will ever feel complete.

I’m obsessed with the hardwoods by Mullican Flooring. I can’t wait to convince Ryan to finish it for our craft room!

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