Does the Ektorp Sofa Cover Fit Pottery Barn Basic Comfort?

As you guys know, I’m in love with my slipcovered sofa that I splurged on a few years ago [HERE]. I also wrote about the truth of having white slipcovered sofas with kids [HERE] and why I chose the Pottery Barn sofa over the Ikea Ektorp. My slipcovered Pottery Barn Grand Sofa of my more expensive pieces of furniture in my home (which was a deal on a floor model). I’ve had many slipcovers made for it with my everchanging need to change up our space!

pottery barn frame with an ikea ektorp slipcover

ikea ektorp slipcover on a Pottery Barn Basic frame

We are getting ready to start another project – renovating the loft area on the second floor. I wanted a cohesive look by purchasing another slipcovered sofa. I considered buying the Ikea Ektorp because of the similarity, but I didn’t want to spend $499 on a sofa. I know, that’s kind of ridiculous considering I spent over $1,500 on my Pottery Barn Sofa.

I’m a huge advocate of finding things at a deal when I can. However, when I have an idea or design in my mind, I’m usually always looking for a specific piece. Often, I’ll try to find the exact same thing on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or my company’s online garage sale intranet as my first stop for shopping for the perfect piece.

I got lucky and found a Pottery Barn Roll Arm Basic on Facebook Market Place listed for $250 with an ottoman! That is more than half off of the similar Ikea Ektorp. I was able to negotiate it down to $225. Obviously, I knew I had to replace the cover. Pottery Barn brand slipcovers can cost anywhere from $300 – $2,500 depending on the type of fabric you get. You can also get slipcovers made from other online stores for less than $375 (including Amazon [HERE]).

However, Ikea always offers a standard slipcover for under $50 typically. While the fabrics change OFTEN, they always offer an inexpensive version. This year, they offered the Lofallet beige for only $29. I mean, for that price, I wanted to test out whether the Ikea Ektorp sofa could be used with the Pottery Barn Basic.

Guess what? It does! 95% match. There are a few areas around the roll arm and the back that don’t 100% fit, which causes some fabric to be a little saggy, but it’s not too noticeable.

In this image below, this is what a fitted Pottery Barn brand slipcover should look like. 

Ikea ektrop sofa with pottery barn

Here’s how an Ikea Ektorp slipcover looks like on a Pottery Barn Basic frame.

Pottery Barn Basic sofa with Ikea Ektop on Lofallet Beige

Yes, you can see it’s kind of frumpy on the side, but it’s not too bad. The more noticeable area is where the edges on the back are. You can see a bigger difference on the edge of the back frame:

Ikea Ektrop slipcover

Here’s a closer view:

And another one:

Those are really the only two areas that don’t 100% align with the Pottery Barn frame. Would I rather pay $29 over $300+ on a Pottery Barn slipcover? Yes, anyday! I can live with this little wrinkle.

Anyway, because I have little kids and I know they’ll tear this sofa up anyway, I’m keeping this slipcover even if it’s not perfect. Heck, I plan on buying two more in the event they tear this one up!

What do you think? Check out my comparison between the two big names in slipcovered sofas [HERE].

Here are some links you can shop if you want to buy a slipcover of your own!


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  1. Do you happen to know if your PB basic sofa is the old style or new? I am wanting to do this but am not sure which of the models fits the slipcover.

  2. This is great!!! We were given a pottery barn slipcover couch almost 9 years ago and it is seriously the best thing ever. So much, we bought a PB couch, chair and ottoman that matches off Craigslist. It was almost brand-new!
    Our slipcover bit the dust (we have eight kids) but the couch, itself, is holding up perfect. I just bought the IKEA slipcover in hopes that it will work. I happened to google it AFTER I hit buy and found your post and am even more excited now!!!!

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