DIY Pull Out Trash and Recyling Bin

I’m so excited to share another completed “honey do” DIY project for a pull out trash and recycling bin! Here was my preview on Instagram a few months back on Ryan’s finished project for a DIY pull out trash and recycling bin:


The husband finished another #honeydo. He made hidden waste baskets!! #diyproject #kitchenproject #kitchenhacks #homeblogger

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My biggest pet peeve about our house after we settled in was that the trash and recycle bin were always in view.

DIY Pull Out Trash Bin and Recycle Bin

Its probably one of the first things you see when coming into our home. In addition to that, the trash and recycle bins were up against a wall. I hate admitting this, but prior to the walls being painted, there were dried peanut butter and jelly caked onto the walls. It was disgusting. Since Ryan had painted the walls a white/cream color this year, this was a disaster waiting to happen.

What I really wanted was a hidden, in-cabinet pull out trash and recycling bin. After showing Ryan some of the ideas that I pinned on my Pinterest Board – House: Kitchen, he took some of the ideas and basically did his own version (of course he would).

Without further ado, here are my best tips and tricks when it comes to installing your very own custom DIY pull out trash and recycle bin:

How to Choose the Cabinet to Convert
I would strongly suggest choosing a cabinet that is close to your kitchen sink or prep counter. It is so convenient to pull out the slide out trash can whenever you are needing to get rid of waste quickly.

DIY Pull Out Trash Bin and Recycle Bin

For us, our option was a long and narrow cabinet that could only hold cookie sheets. To turn this into a pull out trash bin and recycle bin, we went searching relentlessly for slide out trash cans that would fit that space. Because it was way too narrow and small of a space, our efforts searching at Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon, Target, and Ikea were fruitless for how narrow our cabinetry was. That’s why we ended up DIYing it.

DIY Pull Out Trash Bin and Recycle Bin

Premade Slide Out Trash and Recycle Bin
If you are using standard cabinets sizes, I think you’ll be able to find some pull out trash bins that will save you so much time. All you need to do is install it! Here are some of the popular ones (affiliate links included):

Home Depot Options:

Amazon Options:

Ikea Option:

The only con to using premade slide out kits is that you may have extra “wasted” space (no pun intended). My goal for this project was to ensure that we maximized our trash capacity – I mean, who likes taking out the trash? Not me.

Deciding on Top Mount versus Bottom Mount
Basically, this deals with how your trash and recycle bin will hang off of the slider. There are pros and cons to both. With a top mount, you run the risk of food catching around the top “rim”. With a bottom mount, you run the risk of food catching where the waste bin sits.

Ryan decided to do the best of both worlds. He created spacing to allow for any of the food that would “miss” to go through the holes. And we could just easily clean it up off of the hardwood floors.

DIY Pull Out Trash Bin and Recycle Bin

To Attach or Not Attach the Cabinet Door
Decide whether you want the cabinet door to slide open when you open the door. Or do you want it to be a two step process – where you open the door, then slide out the bins? I didn’t want throwing trash away to be a two step process (so much work I tell you!). So we took the cabinet door and attached it to the slide out contraption that he created. It’s not the prettiest, but we’re building something for trash right?

DIY Pull Out Trash Bin and Recycle Bin

We kept the hardware where it was at. Typically, for a slide out waste bin, you should put it in the “middle” of the door. That’s kind of the tell tale sign that the cabinet is for waste. We didn’t feel like putting in wood filler and re-staining the door. Call us lazy 🙂

DIY Pull Out Trash Bin and Recycle Bin

Here is my honey completing this awesome work:

DIY Pull Out Trash Bin and Recycle Bin

The Trash and Recycle Bin Design
Typically, a slide out waste bin uses a plastic trash and recycle bin. One chore that I despise is having to clean gunk out of the bottom of a trash bin using a garden hose. Yuck! Ryan’s answer was that he made a shell for the trash and recycle bags to hang on without a floor.

The design of this pull out trash bin makes it incredibly easy to clean. Any trash that doesn’t make it into the can either falls on the floor or onto the lid of the box, which can simply be wiped down. Emptying the cans is a piece of cake.

DIY Pull Out Trash Bin and Recycle Bin

Here’s what it looks like with the trash bags. Amazing!

DIY Pull Out Trash Bin and Recycle Bin

Supplies and Directions
Ryan created all of this from left over scrap – with the exception of the slide out bars.

Drawer Slides
1″ by 2″ Wood
L Trim
Gorilla Glue

1. Measure the length/width of your cabinetry
2. Calculate the size of what you want your cabinetry to be
3. Install the sliders on the 1″ by 2″ as well as the door
4. Use the plywood, L trim, and 1″ by 2″ to make the shell. Glue the L trim to the plywood using the Gorilla glue.

Helpful References
For some other helpful references, here are some similar DIY Projects that I found around the web that might help you out in making a decision on how you can create your own DIY slide out trash and recycle bin:

Do you have a DIY trash can and recycle bin or did you buy a prefab one? I’d love to hear how you “hide” your trash and recycle receptacles!

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  1. This is such an amazing idea! Right now we have an ugly box in the corner of the kitchen for recyclables, and it’s just so unrealistic for us to have it in there. I would love to do this.

  2. Love this. How wide was the cabinet you turned into a trash can? We are updating our kitchen and have talked about a pull out trash cabinet, and our idea spot is only 8 inches (if we allow for drawer slides etc. So it makes me wonder if it would be worth it since our cabinet is such a tiny space.

    1. Hi Emily!

      It is about 13 inches wide. I thought ours was tiny too until we took out the hinges. Its perfect! I think if yours is long…it would work 🙂

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