DIY Large Paper Flowers for Above Bed and Headboard Decor

Ansley’s room has been under renovations for the last three years.

tutorial large flower wall art above bed-2

The theme that I’m going for is a white, cream, and lavender feel. It’s been a journey to figure out what to put above her headboard. I’ve been pinning ideas to my Above Bed and Headboard Decor for some inspiration.

I also posted a question out on for her room here. I mean, someone DREW OUT some ideas for me for her room. The internets is awesome 🙂 (I purposefully put that “s” there as a joke, in case someone didn’t sense that.)

But then I saw a blog post from Sugarbee Crafts for her small paper flower tutorial and thought it would be awesome to make a HUGE version of this for Ansley’s room. But I wanted specific colors and a variation of flower sizes.

So I figured I’d make my own. It couldn’t be that hard right? Here is my Pinterest board on my big flower tutorials and inspiration on what I settled on for Ansley’s room.

Here are the tutorials that I gleaned from. I’ve provided my modified instructions below:

1. I used this YouTube video (pinned on Pinterest) for the large flowers. 

2. For the small flowers, I used this YouTube video (again pinned on Pinterest) for the small flowers. I will warn you, its in Thai. So just mute and play it in slow motion.

Here’s how it turned out. Note that this is NOT the room reveal. I need to get two more walls done.

tutorial large flower wall art above bed-2

Here’s the angle straight on. Remember, when you group things in home decor, the rule is always in odd numbers. In this case, the “cluster” counted as a “big” flower. So there are five flower groupings here:

tutorial large flower wall art above bed-2

Materials and Supplies Needed for DIY Large Paper Flowers Wall Art

Large Flower Tutorial (modified from this link)

1. For Ansley’s room, I chose a white, lavender and dark purple card stock.  Although its pictured below, I ended up not using the grey because would overpower and not match well with the other colors in her room.

large flower wall art above bed-3

You are going to need 8 in full size sheets, 6 sheets cut in half (total of 12), and 4 sheets in fourths.

large flower wall art above bed-2

2. Cut the sheets so you have groups of petals like below. When you cut the petal ends, make sure you make them irregular so that it looks natural. Note that not all of my petals look the same.

  • Large sheet: Cut 8 petals
  • Half sheet: Cut 12 petals
  • Quarter sheet: Cut 16 petals

large flower wall art above bed

3. For the “core piece” that is held together, find something circular around the house you can use to trace a circle for the middle of the flower. This is where you’ll start your base. My circle was 8 inches in diameter.

large flower wall art above bed-4

4. Cut a 1/2 inch slit in each of the petals. This will allow the flower to have a natural curve when you glue it to the base.

5. Next, glue the large flower petals base. Note that if you glue the slits so they overlap A LOT, it will make the flower sit “up” more, you don’t want that. You want to loosely overlap the petals, but make sure that the glue is on good (use your hot glue gun).

large flower wall art above bed-5

6. Then overlap the half pieces. Glue that down. Follow that with the quarter pieces. 

7. For the middle of the flower, you can purchase some bling and glue it to the middle or take a scrap of paper and cut a bunch of frills in it to glue in the middle!

8. Then take a pen or pencil as a mold. You are going to use it to wrap the end of the petals around to fold them so it looks like a 3D flower.

This is what your flower should look like:

large flower wall art above bed-7

Small 3D Paper Flower Tutorial (modified from this link)

1. Cut your paper into a square.

DIY tutorial 3d paper flower tutorial

2. Fold it twice.

DIY tutorial 3d paper flower tutorial

3. Next step is to create the petals. You are going to draw on the FOLDED sides like so (left and bottom are folded):

DIY tutorial 3d paper flower tutorial

4. Cut and you should have something like below. Here’s a tip: You want the corner area to be narrow, it will make your flower prettier:

DIY tutorial 3d paper flower tutorial

5. For the 3D part of the flower, just fold the petals every which way until you get it like you want it.

DIY tutorial 3d paper flower tutorial

6. Repeat the above steps two more times.DIY tutorial 3d paper flower tutorial

7. Stack all three flowers together.DIY tutorial 3d paper flower tutorial

8. Find some bling (or make your own) for the center of the flower. I found these at a local craft store ages ago. I’m sure you can find something similar in the scrapbooking aisle at Target or your local craft store. 

Anyway, you should end up with something that looks like this:

DIY tutorial 3d paper flower-2

Attaching flowers to wall:

I made the mistake of putting a wall collage with empty frames in her room and ended up hating it. That also meant tons of nail holes in that wall. To avoid that same problem, I came up with an awesome solution on how to hang this floral collage up. Command strips!!! 

Even if I messed up my placement of the flowers, I could change the location without messing up the wall. How amazing is that?!

DIY tutorial 3d paper flower-2

You could position it until you have it looking like you want it.

DIY tutorial 3d paper flower-2

If you haven’t already, check out my post on how to paint wall stripes) and pin with me on Pinterest!



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