Family Room Planning and Decorating Modern Farmhouse Style

Now that we’ve finished up the craft room, we’re starting a new project! Typically, at the beginning of the year, we get a lot of projects done in the months when every midwesterner is stuck inside of their homes due to cold weather. For us, that means either plopping our behinds watching television or being productive around the house.

Yes, we are serial DIYers. Ryan won’t hire anyone unless he absolutely has to OR he just doesn’t want to do it OR I force his hand. For example, would I rather him spend 2 hours mowing the lawn every weekend during the summer or hanging out with me and the kids? That’s how I like to make decisions on whether to DIY or to hire out. In addition, I think the hubs LOVES using his new tools or finding reasons to buy a new tool. 

Anyway, I wanted to share with you our next project – renovating our upstairs family room up in the loft area! We have this big space (it’s about 15 feet by 15 feet) with the original carpet from the previous owners. As a photographer, I had set this up as a photo studio. We had to create a platform so I could have flat surface for photos.

Here was my studio for the last three years:

However, as the kids got older, we found out fairly quickly that they needed their own space to hang out (even at the tender age of six). I mean, we do have a playroom filled with toys and tables, but I could tell they wanted a place to just lay down and hang out (especially when I’m working in my newly renovated craft room). 

Our plan is to rip out the old carpeting and lay some hardwoods down. I love the look of hardwoods with rugs layered on top of them! Plus, if we ever sell our home (which will definitely be a sad day), hardwoods definitely attracts more buyers because the trends for them grow year after year as allergies and asthma are on the rise.

But first, we gotta rip up that carpet! I’m assuming that this project will take upwards of a month to complete juggling our full-time jobs and a house of four kids. I believe in us though!

It’s always good to get a full view of what the plan is for the room. So I’ve rounded up some ideas so you can get a preview of how the room will look!

Obviously, I probably won’t be able to afford all of this right away, but its always good to have a list of things I should be on the lookout for.

Pottery Barn Sofa. Yep, not doing the Ikea thing even though it’s very tempting. I’m going to invest in a Pottery Barn sofa that has treated me well the last three years!

Rustic or white media console. I love the shutters on this one!

white media console rustic

Jute Rug. I’ve always wanted a big large jute rug underneath the coffee table. This one is bleached and would be a great layering piece!

Beaded lighting. The ceiling is pretty low in this room, so I needed something cute that would give a cottage style vibe. 

Hardwood flooring. I love hardwood floors. However, I needed it to match our downstairs great room, so these Mullican flooring items were the perfect fit!

Coffee table. I love how the edges of this table will probably stop anything from rolling off of the table. With kids, this is definitely a plus!

Faux Fig Tree. We don’t have a lot of light in this room so this fig tree will be the best bet for having something more nature-esq represented!

Clock. This antique clock is so cute!

Lamp. I wanted a lamp that was very simple for this room. These were perfect!

Farmhouse style pillows. I love me some grain sack pillows!

Art Television. I wanted this room to not scream media room. I’m in love with this television!

Pillows. Everyone needs pillows right?!

There you have it – planning decorating modern farmhouse style before the project goes live! I hope you love the products. Pin the image below for inspiration.

Shop the post below!

sengerson sofa pottery barn

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