Custom Pottery Barn Slipcover Makeover

You guys know how obsessed I am with the fact that I can wash my sofa slipcovers from my Pottery Barn Grand sofa right?

I wanted to change things up a bit for the holidays. Not a lot, but enough to make it feel like I had something new in our living room area. I decided to give my beloved sofa a makeover. I wanted to try something different than our white solid colored slipcover we already had. When I discovered that Comfort Works made custom slipcovers for our sofa, I was thrilled!

Whether you have a Pottery Barn sofa slipcover or Ikea sofa slipcover, ComfortWorks can design a slipcover based on your chair or sofa’s specifications. They’ve got a huge range of fabric selections to choose from. You might just have a hard time settling on a single one like I did! They actually provide a great sample size so you can see visualize how the fabric will look against your piece.

They have fabric options from family friendly heavy duty textiles all the way to bycast leather (and that’s just naming two types). They also have a variety of colors to choose from to! They also provide notes on whether the fabric sample is kid-friendly (which is a huge win for this parent of four littles). You get eight fabric samples so you can decide which fabric is best for you.

I finally decided on the Somerset Mint, which meant that I can use my already neutral pillows to it. I measured my sofa according to the sheet they gave me, which was super easy to do. I worked with them after sending it in. Within a few days, a gorgeous package was sent to my doorstep! My kids loved that I added a little color to the decor!

They also offer replacement sofa legs for Ikea furniture, pillow covers and much more! The design to options are spectacular. I could go on and on about the process with them, but you get the idea. I can’t wait to hear which fabric you choose for your own slipcovers with ComfortWorks.

Forgive me for all the wrinkles, I should have let them run in the dryer on the non-wrinkle setting, but this momma has no time for that! What do you think? I would love to see images of your slicovered sofa once Comfort Works works with you!


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