Craft Room Makeover Reveal – Phase 3 – Cabinet Doors

I’m so excited to share with you my final reveal of our craft room that showcases the final phase of the craft room cabinets. It was four weeks in the making, but we finally got here.

I’m sure you have seen the previous post on our progress with one of our favorite grey paints and our new hypoallergenic flooring we added to the room so far.

I am so in love with all my cabinet storage that I now have. I am so glad I got rid of the dark built-ins. While they matched our cabinetry downstairs in the kitchen, the height and the placement of the desk and electrical outlets just didn’t flow. I have a sewing machine, Silhouette, laptops, monitors – it got kind of crazy with all the extension cords I had.

Here are a few of the before pictures:

craft room cabinets before

craft room cabinets

While it was functional, I just felt cramped in there.

Initially, I decided that maybe I wanted to reface the cabinets with white paint. Having used my own homemade version of chalk paint on my dresser and nightstand, I figured it would be pretty easy with these cabinets.

craft room cabinets

Let me tell you, this was a terrible idea. There was way too much surface area and I was not happy with the results from just priming!

ikea kitchen cabinets craft room

I went so far as to bring the drawers downstairs in the basement. It was taking way too long and I had no patience for it.

ikea kitchen cabinets craft room

So we decided to get Ikea kitchen cabinets (SEKTION line) for the space. I wanted overhead built-ins. When I priced it online, it was going to be a pretty penny. My tip: Go in-store and find an employee who has the numbers for each of the pieces memorized! I found a gal in the kitchen department who said I could just buy the frame for now pretty inexpensively to store all my things and come back and get the doors later. The 15″ by 30″ frames for the cabinet’s were under $50 a pop! The doors were on average $75 a DOOR and you needed two doors.

ikea kitchen cabinets craft room

My handy husband decided that he could make the doors inexpensively using trim wood and wainscoting/beadboard. And he did! It ended up costing about $8 a door. He ended up making about $15 doors.

Here are a few images just so you have an idea how we put it together. 

ikea kitchen cabinets craft room

ikea kitchen cabinets craft room

See that beadboard? It’s awesome because it provides those rustic lines I love that are similar to shiplap.

ikea sektion cabinets for craft room

ikea sektion cabinets for craft room

ikea sektion cabinets for craft room

ikea sektion cabinets for craft room

And then he painted it with a high volume, low pressure paint gun (that attaches to his air compressor) that he purchased at Harbor Freight for under $10. 

save money with ikea sektion cabinets

We painted it with our tried and true Benjamin Moore White Dove in semi-gloss.

Here’s the final product using the hinges from Ikea Sektion line:

save money with sektion kitchen cabinets

So much storage!!! I love it so much!

To get an idea of what I store and how I store, here’s an image of what I place in each cabinet:


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