Collection of Farmhouse Pitcher Vase

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I am obsessed with farmhouse pitcher vase decor. White dishware, including plates, pitchers, vases are a staple in any true farmhouse home. While we do live in the suburbs, I wanted to show you how you can display a collection of white farmhouse dishware yourself!

farmhouse pitcher vase decor

Foundational Decor

In our home, we have a kitchen hood mantle above our stove. In the past, I’ve decorated this area with my kid’s art that they brought home from school. I felt like I had to change the decor EVERY season with seasonal artwork. With it being above the stove, I wanted to make this area a little more fixed in terms of decor. I chose to go the collection route that would allow me to change only a FEW items when the season changes.

farmhouse pitcher vase decor

Functional Decor

I’ve been obsessed with farmhouse pitchers because they are amazing to store decor and utensils in! I started collecting pieces here and there at vintage markets, Amazon, Target, Ikea and random decor stores. After a few months of spending just a few dollars, I had a beautiful collection of dishware that I could use throughout the house.

farmhouse pitcher vase decor

Your goal when purchasing accessories should be not be whether the piece can fit one area of your home. Focus on ensuring that the piece you choose is multifunctional and can be used throughout your home. 

farmhouse pitcher vase decor

Complete Your Collection

When I put my farmhouse pitchers, vases and creamers on my mantle, it looked a little sparse. My solution? I spray painted a collection of clear glass bases (you know, those vases that you get from flower shops).

farmhouse pitcher vase decor

I spray painted them WHITE using this spray here. They make a great backdrop for the real pieces that you want to display.

Ensure Symmetry

I used two matching farmhouse pitcher vases at the end of the mantle so I could get symmetry. You don’t have to match identically however.

farmhouse pitcher vase decor

Just make sure that the pitchers are a similar height. With the vases I place at the end, I do interchange them for seasonal floral. It makes it easy!

farmhouse pitcher vase decor

White farmhouse style containers, pitchers and vases are beautiful, multifunctional and utilitarian. Displaying a collection is even better. Subscribe below for my ideas and inspiration this year and receive a copy of my favorite places to shop for affordable home decor products!

farmhouse pitcher vase decor

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