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Chances are, you may never have thought about an air purifier in your home. Often times, when we think about air pollution, we think of the outdoor smog or chemicals from construction trucks. But the air inside your home could also suffer from poor air quality as well. This could be caused by a number of things, such as household dust, chemicals you use in your cleaning routines, cooking and your fragrances you put on in the morning.

Poor indoor air quality could be the cause of your allergies to flaring up as well as instigation of asthma attacks. Since we are spending more time indoors as a society, indoor air quality should be a bigger deal than it is now.

We do have a MERV 16 carbon air filter with a ultra violet air purification system for indoor air quality enhancements installed in our home. While it is pretty amazing, it is also pretty expensive to install. 

We are in the middle of renovating half of our basement. One half will be my photography studio and the other half will remain our storage area/kitty litter area. Needless to say, the use of the latter half makes the air down their pretty gnarly. For our basement, we didn’t have that kind of money to be spending on an embedded air purification system. 

Since I would have clients over for photo sessions, I wanted to make sure that they would not smell any of that nonsense!

I got the GermGuardian 4-in-1 Air Cleaning System, which was an amazingly affordable option. It had rave reviews on Amazon as well.  The system has a light in the middle of it that tells you the air quality. I tested it out and sprayed an aerosol spray in front of it – it turned yellow as you could see from the picture.

On auto mode, the air purifier picked up the speed of the fan to remove that smell. How awesome is that?

It is also a SMART device in that you can download an app and control it from your mobile device. However, you do not NEED to have the app to use it. I like having the app because if I know that I have a client shoot, I don’t have to go downstairs in the basement to turn it on – I can use use my app to turn it on before my client arrives.

The connection of the app to the GermGuardian couldn’t have been easier. I turned on bluetooth on my phone, click the link button on the GermGuardian:

After a few seconds, it showed the connection being made:

After that, you can control it on your phone!

What also sold me on the GermGuardian is that I could use it around kids. I’ve been using upstairs in our living room while our basement is being renovated, and I feel safe using it around my kids.

It is amazing at removing fine dust, dander, mold spores and other small particles. 

As far as noise, on the lowest setting, you can hardly hear it. On the highest setting, it sounds like a normal ceiling fan, it is not bad at all. The air comes out the left and right sides, and allows air to circulate in the room.

I already love how it is cleaning out my cooking in our open area that comprises of our living room and kitchen. I can’t wait for 

GermGuardian AC5350B Elite 4-in-1 c/o Guardian Technologies


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