5 Awesome Cozy Winter Bed Ideas

With the fall breeze transitioning possibly into small flurries around November, it is definitely time to get your bed as comfortable and cozy as possible. And if your state participates in Daylight Savings Time, it is coming to an end. This means that it is darker longer and sooner! All the more reason to stay in bed.

There are ways you can make the most of a cold winter night in your bed! There is nothing better than snuggling into a welcoming and warm bed that is ALL YOURS. And even if you have a cheap mattress, there are ways to make it even more comfortable without breaking the bank.

Making Your Bed as Cozy & Comfy as Possible

Linen Everything. Seriously, I love love linen. While people love it for its breathability during hot, summer days, it is amazingly awesome to have during the winter months.  I’m one of those people that get really hot in the middle of the night and love being able to take my leg out from under the covers and feel the coolness of the linen on top. Also, linen also gets better with age! Some people swear by flannel in the winter. In my own personal opinion, I think flannel is for pajamas, while linen is for sheets and bedding.  I purchased these white Ikea Linblomma sheets a few years back (they are discontinued now), but you can still find them new in package on eBay.

Comfortable Down Pillows. My husband and I have been on the look out for the perfect pillows. We’ve tried the cheap fiber filled $5 pillows and they last us about three days before going completely flat. I’ve tried the feather pillows at Ikea, and I feel like the ends feathers poke my face as I am sleeping on it! I was changing out my sofa slipcovers and saw that the cushions were made from Pacific Coast Company. I looked into their company a little more since I absolutely love my sofa cushions. Thankfully I did because I found that Pacific Coast Company are renowned for their bedding and pillows.

After reading some of their reviews, we decided on their Luxury Down Pillows. The pillows are divine and heavenly, it is almost like sleeping on clouds. The goose down filled pillow is awesomely fluffy and puffy, but when you lay on it, it squishes down without becoming completely flat and still provides excellent support. Now, Ryan’s always looking inside the pillowcases for the signature Pacific Coast blue stripe before laying his head down at night.

Soft, Fluffy Bedding. Mattress protectors, feather bedding, and moisture protectors – these are all totally different things that some companies try to combine in a product. I’ve wasted a lot of money by falling into this trap!

After a few failures, we decided to invest in a Feather Bed also from Pacific Coast Company.  Let me just say, it is the most amazing and best purchase I have ever made for my sleep! In the image below, you’ll notice the blue signature stripe for the Pacific Coast Company bedding on top – look how thick it is! The next layer is a mattress pad/bedding/protector all in one. Look how flat it’s gotten. This was one of those that had thousands of Amazon reviews, but in reality, didn’t live up to the hype and reviews I read about! The bottom layer is obviously my sheet and mattress with pillow top.

 The Feather Bed also from Pacific Coast Company is the best decision ever, and has been the prescription to my grumpiness in the morning!


As a rule, a comfy bed should have the following in this order: mattress, mattress pad (optional), feather bed, moisture protector, fitted sheet (preferably linen), flat sheet, duvet and pillows in that order!

Down Comforters and Flannel/Linen Duvets. Down comforters are AMAZING. Make sure you look at the fill power for down comforters, as they determine the quality of the down. It is an investment, but are well worth it!

Various Blankets. Add a bunch of layers of blankets! For some people, your body temperature changes pretty often at night. Having blankets at the foot of your bed will make it easier for you to switch in the middle of the night without waking up your spouse.

Wool, merino blankets. OMG. You guys, I’m obsessed with these chunky wool blankets. OBSESSED. I’m planning on making one SOON!

By following these tips, you’ll have a winter bed that will make you want to hibernate! How do you guys make your bed the most comfortable one for frigid temps? Shop the post below!

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sengerson sofa pottery barn

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