Seven Year Anniversary

boating 0008

Seven years.

boating 0001

Years filled with fun, wonderment, discovery, excitement and love. 

boating 0002

Our life together isn’t perfect. But it is wonderful.

boating 0003

Stumbling from one adventure to the next.

boating 0005

Always finding that the journey that awaits us

boating 0009

has a purpose. 

boating 0004

Strengthening our love for each other. 

boating 0007

Showing us how love is patient and kind.

boating 0010

Rediscovering each other’s ability to laugh to the point of tears.

boating 0012

Roadmapping the next crazy adventure.

boating 0014

While enjoying and being in the present with each other.

boating 0015

Let’s do this again, okay babe? Maybe without the boat and the fishing.

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