Nine Year Anniversary

My hubby and I have been married for nine years today. He’s pretty much the greatest catch ever.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that we are a power couple (I wish!), but I will say that while we have completely different interests, we are more alike than we want to think we are.

We both have first child syndrome. Meaning that we are stubborn and pretty much won’t quit until we get what we want. This also means that it’s hard for either of us to say sorry first.

I won’t make this a long, drawn out and sappy post. So I’m just going to share the few photos we have together SANS kids (except the one in my belly).

Memorable moments for us as a couple this year:

  • Ryan causing me to go into labor with Lorelei because he wasn’t nesting to my liking
  • Doing burpees together and “working out together” for the first time in our marriage
  • DIY renovations and “discussions” about the basement and second living room
  • Aubrey asking about the next baby and his facial expression
  • My white elephant gift of his handsome face and his reaction

Love this guy so much!!! I’m glad we crossed paths in college.


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