Lorelei Turns One

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Our last baby turns one today. I cannot believe how fast time has flown for us. Every year, we write an annual birthday post recapping the year as an open letter to our children. This is Lorelei’s first year recap. 

Dear Lorelei,

Sweet girl, you will and always will be my baby. The baby of my babies. Since you were born, I’ve been trying to figure out if you were more like one of your sisters and whether or not you had characteristics like your older brother. But Sugar, you are definitely a mixture of all of them and stand out way on your own.

You’ve got a ton of nicknames: La la, Lollipop, Lie Lie, Lolly, Do Di (that’s what your older brother calls you).

You are cute as a button, but got some sassafras in ya. Baby girl, you know how to get what you want.

You’ve got the Elvis impersonation down. I’m not sure where this came from, but anytime you are mad, that upper lip goes up.

Speaking of faces, you’ve also mastered the scrunch face. This happens just right before you go on full freak-out mode.

You’ve also mastered the ability to hand your siblings things when they ask “Can I have that?”

While you’ve managed to finally stand on your own and take a half step, you have certainly mastered the one leg scoot and going up the staircase on your own.

You are a human vacuum cleaner. There were times I questioned whether or not you ate something off the ground the two seconds I looked away.

You love baked beans, green beans and corn bread.

You finally two weeks ago grew two bottom teeth, so no gummy smile after all for your first birthday! 

You have a patch of hair that I try to put in a ponytail, but ends up in pineapple and whale spout look.

You are standing, barely even walking. But truth be told, I’m kind of glad you are a delayed walker. You and your siblings outnumber me, so when Dad leaves to run an errand, I’m kind of glad I have one less of you to chase around. I know this will change soon enough.

Love you so much Lola,

Mom and Dad

As my last baby, I’m cherishing every single moment as much as I can. While the days are so very long where I’m worn out from chasing kids around, disciplining, wiping bottoms and faces, cooking, folding never ending laundry, I can already see how fast these years are going. With every milestone I celebrate with my last, I know it’s going to be the last celebration with my kids as a whole.

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