Aubrey Birthday 001

Our little Auberino turned four today.

Aubrey Birthday 002

This girl has grown up quite a bit this last year. We can tell she has some tendencies for the need for perfection. She loves organizing just about anything!

Aubrey Birthday 003

She still loves giving us those “crazy eyes” which is where she opens her eyes real wide.

Aubrey Birthday 004

With swim lessons starting this year, she has overcome her fear of the water. She still is overly cautious when she’s wading in the water. But hey, getting into the water and getting her hair wet is a good start!

aubrey photography_0004

With extracurriculars, she has completed her second dance recital, mastered ice skating without holding on to anything, and started gymnastics.

aubrey photography_0005

As for her scholarly activities, she has mastered lots of nursery rhymes, including our very favorite “Tuna Fish” song. She can recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

aubrey photography_0006

Counting, let’s just say she skips several numbers between 15 and 100.

aubrey photography_0007

In a few previous birthday posts, we did mention that we thought she was a mute. Turned out, she was saving most of her conversation for age three.

aubrey photography_0008

She is definitely a talker now. And a questioner. Lots of questions. Lots.

aubrey photography_0009

She is also an eater. She loves to eat. The Aubster will eat every 30 minutes if we let her. So, for her fourth birthday day with us, we went to a buffet. She absolutely lvoed it!

aubrey photography_0010


We love you so very much! You bring us so much joy and excitement. Your sister loves your company even though she doesn’t show it. Your brother loves stealing your stuff even though you don’t like it. You are pretty, smart and classy – and that’s how we like our girls.


Your Parents

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