Eight Year Anniversary

I can’t believe we’ve been married eight years. Our marriage isn’t perfect – we’ve definitely have had our lows, but our highs have always surpassed them ten fold.

Let’s take a trip through memory lane with our engagement photos – the days sans kids. 

Tonight, you asked me nonchalantly what the secret to our marriage is? I really don’t have a solid answer.

Maybe it’s because we don’t take each other too seriously. 

Maybe it’s because you listen to me and just nod your head (even though I know you kind of are not listening). And you think repeating the last two words of my last five minutes of talking counts as listening. 

Maybe it’s because I deal with you putting your shoes in the middle of the living room or wherever you happen to be standing when you take off your shoes and you deal with me not closing the lid tight on anything in the fridge because of the complex I developed because my dad always put the lid on too tight when I was little.

Maybe it’s because you say yes to almost everything I ask for, including building a cold frame for a blog post. And that I sometimes say yes to random fishing trips, a wall dedicated to deer mounts and being a hunter’s widow in the fall.

Maybe it’s because your eyes are so blue that I still can’t look at them for more than 10 seconds before looking away (butterflies).

Maybe because you and I balance each other out – I’m the high strung one and you’re laid back.

Maybe it’s because both of us have parents that have strong marriages that we can model after.

Maybe it’s because we’re just awesome together. 

I’m pretty sure I think that last one is it. Happy anniversary babe. Love you so much!

Photo Credit: AleaLovely

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