Conrad Turns Two

Oh boy, Conrad! You have turned the big TWO!

I cannot believe that this video was only taken a year ago!

You’ve grown up so fast this year. I’m not sure where to even begin with telling you about your year!

A few weeks ago, your dad converted your crib into a toddler bed. You were really excited to see it – I wish I would have captured your reaction. Initially, you didn’t want to go upstairs because you thought I was putting you “night night”. Then, when you saw the conversion, you immediately hopped on your bed and started jumping.

The only words you can say that we can understand are:

  • Oh Juice (Orange Juice)
  • Snack
  • Night Night
  • Bye Bye
  • Me
  • Daddy
  • Mommy

You can’t even say your name right! What the heck, Conraderford?!

As far as potty training, we’ve got a long way to go. Now, we know why they say boys take longer to train. And let me tell you, changing your diapers at this age is disgusting!

Speaking of being a boy, you are ALL BOY. When you were born, we had a miniscule amount of boy toys. We didn’t realize how quickly you would attach to playing with trains, trucks and cars. Apparently, it comes naturally with your testosterone! For your birthday, we loaded you up with trains, trucks and cars!

You love playing with your sisters. Ansley absolutely adores you. Aubrey, well, I think you are her worst nightmare (you both have your moments though).

Ever since we converted your crib, every morning I’m woken by your sweet little voice in your sister’s bedroom. I’m pretty sure Ansley opens your door every morning and invites you to their room to play before your dad and I have a chance to get up.

You LOVE sweets. Fruit snacks, cake, juice and suckers – oh how you love your sweets.

Nap time – well, its typically a struggle to get you down. But once you go down, you nap from about noon to three. It is amazing.

Dinner – you hardly eat anything because you are always snacking!

We’ve gotten your haircut a few times this year. It takes a little bit to get you warmed up, but once you are, cutting your hair at the barber’s is a breeze.

Your tantrums. You love to run away, throw your body face down on the floor and kick your legs. Not sure where you learned this. Your sisters never did this. EVER.

This year, we got you pretty good with the sprinklers.

You also got to go on your first sled ride down our steep backyard hill!


You love swings and slides.

Sometimes, you will go on the biggest slide and it freaks me out because I’m afraid you’ll fall down a hole/entry area.

You are a handful at your sisters’ soccer practices and games. But you’ve been practicing yourself with dad, and we think you’ll be pretty good.

You’ve got the cutest “cheese” face ever.

Here’s another one to boot:

And you like brushing your own teeth:

I made you wear a dinosaur egg and lion costume for Halloween.

You’ve mastered this little pony ride without me on it! And decided to leave scruff marks on all of our cabinetry.

Not sure how you learned this position to watch television. We’re assuming your dad:

This doesn’t happen often, but you fall asleep randomly in weird places at times.

Conrad, you are definitely a handful, but the funniest and loving baby boy we have ever met. We can’t wait for what you have in store for us this year!


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