Conrad Turns Three

Conrad. Our favorite son.

You’ve made it to three without being potty trained buddy! Way to go!! Kidding.

You’ve changed so much this year. You’ve got a ton of personality. You are the wild one of the bunch. We love you so much, happy birthday!!

construction truck birthday cake

Here are a few memorable moments from the year:

You were promoted to big brother!

You’ve grown out of your fears of mascots! You love the little car ride at Worlds of Fun. You got to ride the Viking Voyager for the first time this year!!

You’ve ruined two of my sofas with marker now. While they were washable, they definitely left stains.

You’ve learned how to manage to make me mad and forgive you in a span of 30 seconds.

You’ve mastered packing snacks for soccer games!! Your dad was even thankful for your snack packing abilities.

You looked adorable in this fire truck box costume I made for you – I forgive you for tearing it up within a 24 hour span.

You have a love for construction trucks and trains.

You didn’t cry with Santa this year!

You are definitely not calm.

You hate family photos.

You loved taking gymnastics class (while it lasted).

You love sledding – obviously your little sister did not.

You haven’t figured out how to drive Santa’s present yet.

You still let me dress you.

Taking you to iHop is like asking for it.

You joined in the Pinewood Derby race with your sweet firetruck.

Your dad and I are so proud of you this year. You bring us so much joy and craziness. 

Love you Conraderford, Conzie, Conz….



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