Aubrey Turns Six

This is our annual open letter to our daughter on her birthday.

Dear Aubrey,

We seriously must apologize for the delay of your birthday post and birthday day CELEBRATION! As the oldest middle child, you are so very patient and understanding. You’re kind, freaking gorgeous, and smart rolled into one package.

Home Life

You are so helpful with your little sister. You look up to your big sister, even though she is kind of mean. I’m not sure yet about your relationship with Conrad though. I’ll give it a couple years.

You are also the healthiest eater of the bunch. You always choose the better option during meals, even if the others are stuffing their faces with ice cream and icing.


You are so smart! I love how you take your time in all of your work. You are always the loudest at school programs – mainly because your voice carries. Oh, and you played a mean rabbit at your program when another student didn’t show up. That’s cause you are freaking awesome.


This year, soccer definitely was not your jam. However, you are amazing at gymnastics and dance! I think we’ve found our groove in terms of school activities. 


Oh my! Girl, you can throw down a mean tantrum. Once something sets you off (and it takes a lot to set you off), holy cow…your whine can be heard across the neighborhood. A small hug can stop you on your tantrum, but it seems counterintuitive but it works.

You also LOVE to ask questions and then spiral out of control with answers to the questions by making assumptions and asking, “Right?” It’s the funniest thing.

Also, you ask the most RANDOM questions out of nowhere. Like, when Dad told me you asked, “What animal are you going to be when you die?” in the middle of a drive. Apparently, you had heard something from Ansley about reincarnation. But it was the timing that was funny. Sometimes, we’re not sure where in thought you are because these questions come out of the blue.

Anyway, we love you and we’re going to figure out how to keep the boys at bay. I’m pretty sure you got that handled now because you really could care less about what others think of you let alone boys (yass!!!!!).

Love you!

Mom and Dad


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