Aubrey Turns Five

Auberino is turning five. I cannot believe our middle child is becoming a Kindergartner this year.

A few things about Aubrey we wanted to note:

  • She loves wearing dresses.
  • She came out of her shell this year when it comes to soccer. It seemed like she came out of the gates on fire! She used to be timid, now she is a force to be reckoned with.
  • This year, she performed in the Nutcracker as an Angel sans her older sister and did an awesome job.
  • She knows how to spell our last name.
  • She talks. A LOT.
  • Every statement she makes, she makes sure you are listening to her because its always followed with, “Right, Mommy?” or “Right, Daddy?”
  • She does not have a ton of patience for Conrad, but has a soft spot for Lorelei.
  • She has patience as shown through fishing and blueberry picking.
  • She seems like she is very detail oriented.
  • She graduated from preschool this year.
  • At any of her preschool performances, you could pretty much hear her from anywhere you stood.
  • She got to ride the big kid bus for the first time for summer school.
  • She has emotional melt downs. For example, when you say “no”, there’s a standard reaction. First, she starts a three second reaction with her sad/upset face. Followed by a straight ten second high pitched, constant whimper. The finale is the cry which goes on and on and on.
  • She’s not big on sweets because “it’s not healthy.” She’s very health conscience.

We love her so very much. Ryan and I are excited to see what Kindergarten will bring for her. My middle daughter – she’s had to grow up faster than any of the other kids because she’s had to learn how to negotiate and compromise with her older and younger siblings. We’ve seen her skills in action through the sharing of her toys or talking through what shows to watch with them. This savvy girl will have learned a lot of street smarts growing up in this family. Love her to pieces! Happy birthday babe!

Garden Floral Lined Dress c/o Hatley

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